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Friday Boxes

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This is a list of Friday Boxes pieces that we have custom made. Click on an image or heading to see a larger picture and a detailed description.

These boxes get their name “Friday Boxes” from a long time tradition in woodworking shops. On Friday, the craftsmen would collect the scraps and leftover wood from the week’s projects, and make something from them. Usually the size and variety of the scraps would help determine what projects might be made. Some “Friday” projects would have several species of wood, where as, if it were a commissioned piece, it may only contain a single species. Some of our Friday boxes have several species, while others are single species boxes. We have developed two “standard” sizes for most of the boxes, but there may be some variations due to the limitations of the scraps used. Even the faux suede material used to cover the bottom of the boxes is leftover material from display cabinets we have made. In the 20 years of doing woodworking, there has been an accumulation of many species of wood scraps. The selection of which pieces are used in our “Friday Boxes” is not a random process. Highly figured pieces are selected for the tops. When possible, the side pieces are cut sequentially, so that the grain pattern will continue around the mitered corner. Compatibility of species is considered when combining two or more species in the same box.

Box 0070
Box 0068
Box 0008
Box 0066
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